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    I'm a Pocket Informant user and wanted to get an idea of when it might be out for BB10 so I posted on the PI forums with the projected dates for the BB10 API releases. My concern was that the current BB10 SDK doesn't provide any PIM API's, and PI development for BB10 can't even start without them. The response was interesting, and says a lot about what 3rd party apps may be available for BB10 at launch and within the first couple of years (ie : for PI and other 3rd party PIM apps - at least those that require API's - say goodbye until Sep 2014 at the earliest) :

    My question :
    Hi Alex - I found an article stating that the BB10 API's would be frozen in September :


    If that's the case, the PIM API's would either be there, nor not be there at that time. If RIM hits their Jan release time frame (CEO says yes, CMO says maybe not so who knows?), would that 3-3 1/2 month time frame be enough for you to develop PI for BB10? Assuming you were interested in doing so, of course.

    Their reply :
    No, it takes about 12 months to develop PI. No way we could do more than basic tasks in 3 months. UI and tasks - that's it. Calendaring is a minimum of 6 months. Sync - another 3-4 months.

    Keep in mind that this timeline refers to a pretty involved app that depends on API's that aren't currently available. However, it's also an app that's very important to RIM's "People who do" target market.

    - R.
    07-30-12 12:31 PM