1. babybbubbles0603's Avatar
    I've had my BB 8100 for a little over a year now, and really don't have too many complaints about it. I'm starting to get tired of it and would like to upgrade to something new. Rogers doesn't have much in the way of options when it comes to an upgrade, and I don't think that I want to get another 8100 to replace the one I have. So, I have a few questions for you, since I really don't know too much about all the technical stuff.

    Is there a newer/better BB out there with video camera capabilities?

    If I were to leave BB and switch to something else (say Palm, iPhone, etc.) would just dropping my SIM into it work or will there be complications because I have a BB data plan? (obviously I will be getting an unlocked phone)

    As I said before, the options at the Rogers store are slim, so I was thinking about turning to the net to find something new and exciting, so I was hoping to be able to do this without having to contact Rogers and let them know...
    05-30-08 05:25 AM
  2. Username5300's Avatar
    If you decide to go with another phone you can just place your SIM card into it and it will work no problem. I suggest that you try the CURVE and see what you think of it. I had a pearl and went to a 8820 and then to a 8330 and loved both of them. If your just trying to get away from BB then there is something wrong with you. Just kidding or am I. Good luck with what ever you do. Beware of windows mobile it tends to freeze up and you have to reboot your phone quiet often.
    05-30-08 05:39 AM
  3. latina berry's Avatar
    Wait for the BOLD
    05-30-08 08:31 AM
  4. stevebtx12's Avatar
    ^^^ what she said ^^^
    05-30-08 08:56 AM
  5. CTenn's Avatar
    There are three new phones on the horizon, the Bold (similar to the curve, slightly bigger), the Kickstart (clamshell flip phone) and the Thunder (touchscreen). Only the bold has been officially confirmed, though shots of the Kickstart have been seen.
    05-30-08 10:53 AM