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    Time for the virtual track pad with the user option to toggle on and off the track Pad

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    11-25-13 05:37 PM
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    Man the cut and paste does not work on this site.

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    11-25-13 05:47 PM
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    Time for the virtual track pad with the user option to toggle the track pad on and off on the BlackBerry Qwerty and Z30 & Z10 devices. ! BlackBerry World has a great Track PAD APP that works well and BlackBerry could build on that APP !
    Apple is thinking of a track pad on the home button !


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    11-25-13 05:52 PM
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    What I think blackberry should do is on the z10 and z30 "blackberry logo" bezel at the bottom of the touch screen should be the virtual trackpad, it would definitely be a good idea
    11-25-13 06:32 PM
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    There already is a virtual trackpad. Its in the form of a circle.
    11-25-13 07:37 PM
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    Correct the circle works okay, but why they like the track Pad is you can read your message and not have your hand covering the screen while your editing your message.

    Try the Track Pad App in BlackBerry World it works like the Bold 9900 quite a nice APP.

    It will appeal to the The die hard Track Pad lovers in the Media and on Wall Street . Add a toggle On / Off option in the Settings menu so users can use the current keyword without the track pad or with the track on all Qwerty and Virtual keyboard phones.

    It will show the users BlackBerry is listening !!$$$

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    11-25-13 07:52 PM

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