1. mazoul's Avatar
    I have had a Pearl 8330 for the last few years and I love it but my boyfriend talked me into the HTC Evo (sprint) and I HATE it! LOL, I don't like the touch screen and so many other things about it. Since I am still within my 30 days to return it I have decided to do that. I still have my pearl and would be just as happy to go back to it but wonder if there is a blackberry with a bit bigger screen (the only thing I like about the Evo). I think the new apps etc that are available for the android phones are cool but I miss my blackberry. Another thing is this, I'm a petite women with small hands and that android is just to big. Anyway, I could list all the things I don't like but why bother. LOL> All I know is I WANT MY BLACKBERRY!
    07-23-10 06:11 AM
  2. dirt619's Avatar
    Considering you have sprint, get the bold 9650, OS6 is around the corner and the 9650 bold MIGHT be getting it! And even if it dosnt the bold is a sweet phone. And if your on a budget, can never go wrong with a tour!
    07-23-10 06:19 AM