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    Every so no and then it's time for change. Those changes you don't really like. BlackBerry has become something not to be passionate about anymore. No app on pc that's startup because it knows you BlackBerry is close by. That app has been uninstalled as the world moves on and your BlackBerry closer to the previous devices, safely in your safe where they are beloved, never sold. Priv was an experiment which I never got a feel for and passport an awesome last BlackBerry device on my part.

    Tomorrow is a new day and good bye blackberry. I for one do not like android and will start using my iphone from tomorrow. Itunes installed, checked, everything else just works.

    Bye BlackBerry

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    11-02-16 07:38 AM
  2. PRGDR's Avatar
    Sad to read it... I think the Priv was a good experiment, and it might have been worth it going further that way. Good luck in the apple world.
    11-02-16 07:41 AM
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    If you're leaving for another device/OS, please leave your comments here, should you have more to say:
    Remember that your Mobile Nations Passport will also give you access to the iMore Forum. Hope you'll join the discussion there!
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    11-02-16 07:42 AM

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