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    Acer, Asustek Computer and Lenovo are expected to offer ultrabooks based on Intel's Ivy Bridge platform which supports Thunderbolt in the second quarter of 2012, while Gigabyte Technology will take the initiative to offer Thunderbolt-enabled motherboards, according to industry sources.

    Intel's Ivy Bridge is already set to natively support USB 3.0 technology and will be mainly equipped in mid-range to high-end PC models in 2012 and be fully standardized by 2013; however, limited by the increasing cost of more than US$20, the company's Thunderbolt technology is only expected to be adopted among high-end notebooks or desktops in 2012, the sources noted.

    Thunderbolt technology uses two major communication protocols for transmission, PCI Express for data transmission and DisplayPort for image display, to allow users to only use one port to connect to many different devices.

    Thunderbolt is expected in future iOS devices, do you think RIM will pick up on this feature as well?
    01-20-12 09:37 PM
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    Will not happen because of 1 key factor. You will need the Intel computer chipset for it to work which also means pci-e connectivity, and no iPad and iPhone will not and are not capable of using thunderbolt. Here is a explanation of why.

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    it'd have to be supported by the chipset. Apple may make an A6 chip that supports it this year, but other ARM chip manufactures will be in the preliminary stages, if they're working on it at all.

    where did you hear that iOS will get it?
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