1. mas999's Avatar
    Have three UK missed the boat with the Blackberry Z10 launch

    Every other UK provider has the phone and it is launched, Three can not even give a date when it will be available or what price plans...
    On the Blackberry web site, where to buy Three done even feature on the BB10 list
    Are they going to get it ??
    02-10-13 03:44 AM
  2. Crisdean's Avatar
    They had some in store yesterday.
    02-10-13 03:52 AM
  3. BoldTeddy's Avatar
    If their name is anything to go by, they're a shorted sighted company.
    02-10-13 04:59 AM
  4. mas999's Avatar
    stores had a dummy but could not even give a price or plan
    02-10-13 02:58 PM
  5. nano404's Avatar
    Coincidentally, I passed a Three store tonight and I was wondering if they had it. I wanted to see EE's prices but they were too busy.
    02-10-13 06:41 PM

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