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    I just bought the Bold 9700 yesterday. I'm really hating this threaded text message thing and want it gone. I hate it sooo much i'm even considering returning the Bold and going back to the Curve. The reason I hate it so much is due to the fact that I have to open the newest text message to access older ones (sent on other days) instead of using the sms folder to scroll by the date. I know this probably sounds really stupid but its the way I like it and i'm used to it. If anyone knows anyway to make this happen it would be much appreciated.

    If i've confused anyone here is an example...

    This is what I see now (When I send a message and the person responds I can no longer see my message...I have to open the stupid threaded text to see it)

    7:12p Kyle
    2:42p Sam
    11:44a Nat

    This is what I used to see and want to see (I've been playing and can only make it appear when I do a search)

    7:12p Kyle
    7:10p My message to Kyle
    7:06p Kyle
    7:00p My message to Kyle
    2:42p Sam
    2:41p My message to Sam
    11:44a Nat
    11:41a Nat
    11:40 My message to Nat

    Again, ANY help would be much appreciated
    11-25-09 07:50 PM
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    With OS 5.0.0.xxx it is just something you're gonna have to become accustomed to... Perhaps you should consider returning the 9700 and getting a Bold 9000 instead, I believe its native OS is 4.6 or 4.7 or something, but then again, there will eventually be an update to 5.0 for that device if there hasn't been already... But the 9000 has the same amount of RAM and its processor is at least comparable if it isn't the same speed, so it's a fair compromise and you can get an older OS for it whereas there is no other OS option for the 9700... Threaded sms is just what's next for RIM

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    11-25-09 09:29 PM
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    I'm not familiar with the 9700 or your OS but is there an option to delete that application and back up from the one you liked using desktop manager? I ran into this with BBM on my Tour. I didn't like the 5.0 version so I was able to delete it and go back to a previously saved backup and get my older, more simpler BBM version.
    11-25-09 10:21 PM
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    Well, since sms is a core application with the OS and BBM 5.0 is an "add-on" application, I don't think that there is much of an option for doing such a thing unless you are rather adept at compiling your own hybrid OSes, but supposing that you do know how to build your own hybrid, it might be possible to dig/sift through the .cod files and incorporate the desired sms application from say 4.7 that you like yet retain much if not all of the other features of 5.0, but like I said before, it's what's next for RIM and will soon be "the" feature once OS 5.0 is the standard... I can empathize as to how threaded sms might pose a problem for a user in a business application where multiple texts arrive from a number@corporateaddress.com and can cause some confusion, but it seems to be a general consensus that threaded sms was intended by RIM to be a personal organization tool, grouping sms texts into conversations and alleviating the need to scroll through an sms inbox to find a particular text message from a particular user... It was strange for me to get used to it, but now that I am, I wouldn't trade my device and $1000 to go back to "the old way" just remember, if you receive important info via texty-type-messages and you delete the conversation, you will lose said info...

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    11-25-09 10:36 PM
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    I`m not familiar with 5.0 or threaded at all being the type to stick to official releases. However you should be able to save your search for SMS messages (steps here) and assign it to an alt + shortcut.
    Hope this helps.
    11-25-09 11:32 PM