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    i was just kind of thinking, might be a stupid idea but i was thinking that if RIM wanted to make sales and was serious about BB10 and its release why not take the hardware that was going to be used with a BB10 phone and release a BB7.2ish on it until BB10 is released wit hthe ability to be able to update to BB10 the same way the PLaybook is doing. this might give people an idea that hey RIM is serious and not to abandon ship completely and might allow for some sales to keep cash flow coming in wit hthe release of a new device that has the ability for BB10 unlike the current BB7 phones. have the same app player that will be in BB10 since developers are working on them

    i know this is not the best solution but it is an option to help cope with the lack of funds.

    Feel free to comment, good or bad its just a simple idea i had while dreaming sad dreams about RIM
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    06-29-12 03:46 PM
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    Well its not as simple as that...plus RIM wants to make this transition special and successful. They want it to all hit the market at once so they will make a statement with a big "BAM!"
    06-29-12 03:56 PM
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    RIM seriously needs to stabilize, and the only quick way to do so is through sales of current models. Period.

    No, we're not going to see a serious update to OS7 for two reasons: it would take too long to do anything meaningful and many of those being laid off are the people who would be doing that work.

    Big, splashy sale and healthy trade-in allowances for current BB users. Old-fashioned, yes, but options are limited otherwise...
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    06-29-12 04:01 PM
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    wasn't a BB 7.2 in the works anyway?
    06-29-12 04:04 PM
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    I think they saw that their main profit is from qwerty devices, so they are going to release n series with l series, basicly blackberry will be the only choice for a qwerty phone.
    06-30-12 06:53 AM