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    I have been reading the forums in search of the perfect answer to my GPS issues. I am sporting the .53 os that was released then pulled. I like the os because I am a avid bluetooth headset user. I noticed that sometimes my GPS worked flawlessly and sometimes it did not. Tried the "fix" to release it from another program, status, test ..., but no go, removed various apps, sometimes good, then all of a sudden, not so good. Then I noticed that each time the GPS worked my bt headset was turned off!? So I tried a little test. Headset off, Open Poynt, GPS works great! Close Poynt. Headset on, open Poynt, cell-site only!? Used the same test method with a couple other apps and received the same result. Not sure if this is an issue with os .53 only or other os's, but my conclusion has to be that when the bt radio is engaged with another device it shuts off the GPS chip. Not sure why, maybe a power conservation thing. Maybe someone knows more or can check into this? If someone else can try it and let me know that it is not only my phone/os combo that would be cool. Later, chris

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    10-06-09 01:08 PM