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    I was showing a friend of mine today at lunch how to bridge remote his Bold 9900 to my playbook. We were watching movie trailers on my sideloaded IMDB app on my playbook with the 9900 as the remote, right in the middle of the work cafeteria. Another guy I know came by and commented on it. I showed him the playbook later and he was completely blown away. Only then did I notice, after talking to him for nearly 30 minutes, that he was rocking a Curve 8300 (from 2007!). We got to talking about how he really liked his berry and really wasn't comfortable with iphone/android slab phones but he had pretty much given up on RIM. He really appreciated what it was that blackberry did better than anyone else: fast and efficient communication.

    He did not have a clue what the Playbook was about, but once I got him up to speed on it he loved everything about it. He thought they might be onto something with QNX and it's commercial and industrial opportunities. We chuckled at the craziness of just how misunderstood the company was (if you knew how good the playbook was). We thought, wow, now that Apple is 'the man', RIM is really going have to step up their game. I thought, "what is it about the playbook that I like so much?", and I think it is the excitement of the rapid change that's taking place with their products. The intuitive nature of the bezel swiping and all the other ways the playbook is differentated would make it difficult for me to use anything else now. This is how you build a loyal fanbase. But before you know for sure that it will succeed, it's just two nerdy guys talking about the cool underappreciated technology they like. And then there's always the constant drum of the masses that tells you that the incumbent is unstoppable and you might as well just use their stuff.

    At that point I came home to hear that Apple had upgraded their ipad but had not done anything game changing, nor had they done for several product launches now. The I though again that Apple had become the incumbent. And I realized how it must have felt to be an Apple Fanboy in 1997.
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    03-07-12 10:42 PM
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    For anyone that's watched the RIM story for the duration of the fall (stock fall). What I like is being on the verge of another major breakthrough.
    It's easy to throw mud on RIM. But for the people that understand all the elements that are being tied together right now, it's easy to see how wrong they are.
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