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    I wrote this story for you guys to keep your excitement channeled while we wait for the big event.

    Thorsten sank back into the burgundy leather chair and, kicking the floor, spun it round. After years of practice he could get four and a half rotations.
    "One thousand six hundred and twenty degrees," he said. "it's pretty good, huh?"
    "Yes," said a slightly robotic, female voice. "It's perfect sir."
    Thorsten looked at the phone on the table. "Viki, you are always too kind."
    "Thankyou sir."
    "Come on now Viki. How long have we know each other?"
    "Four hundred and fifty seven days nine hours thirty eight min-"
    "You can call me Thorsten. "
    "Name change sir? Please input data into the appropriate fields."
    The phone display lit up.
    "Never mind all that Viki. Just call me Thorsten."
    The phone screen went dark but the l.e.d. light blushed softly. Her voice was quiet, husky. "Thankyou thorsten."
    "You've always been good to me Viki. Always there. I...I feel..." His eyes wandered to the glass case that contained a shimmering, iron war hammer. Broken phrases whispered in his thoughts,
    "forged beneath mountains...sleek and powerful..."
    "Viki I..." he breathed deeply to slow his heart.
    Viki's dim, red eye winked. Her voice was low,"what is it Thorsten my lo-"
    The hammer crackled with a mesh of lightning, Thorsten jerked upright as though electrocuted.
    "Viki, how long have I got?"
    "Oh." she said.
    Her lustful, red eye closed.
    "The conference will commence in twenty one minutes and forty two seconds."
    Thorsten could hear the murmur of excited voices in the conference hall.
    He looked at the phone on the table; a black slab with a dark screen.
    "It's a piece of junk," he whispered. "Just a piece of old junk. Boulben better be pulling some miracles out of his magic hat."
    An old despair put its icy fingers around his heart.
    He walked to the war hammer and pressed his palms against the glass cabinet. More phrases blew gently down the winds of time into his mind.
    "storm caller...ice breaker...enemy shatterer..."
    Images came into his mind, memories, perhaps, of old dreams. An army of ice giants was before him. Some surrounded him touching him with icicle fingers, freezing the joy and passion from his heart. He raised his Hammer to the sky and a terrible storm lashed the giants bodies. And now he charged and a great army charged with him and his hammer swung, shattering skulls and frozen limbs.

    "The ice giants," said Thorsten and he was standing amid broken glass, the hammer in his hand. Blood dripped from his fingers. The grip of despair had left his heart.
    "Is everything ok Thorsten?" said Viki.
    "Yes Viki. The ice giants were here. They tried to freeze me. They are gone now."
    "Will they be back?" she sounded nervous.
    "Not for a long time. How long have I got."
    "Thirty four seconds."
    Thorsten put his hammer on the table. He could hear the murmur in the conference hall amplify to a constant roar.
    He picked up the phone and looked at it. It was beautiful.
    "Forged beneath mountains!" he said.
    The crowd in the hall had begun chanting something.
    He walked toward the door.
    "Sleek and powerful!"
    He put his hand on the door knob.
    "Storm caller! Ice breaker!"
    He turned the handle.
    "Enemy shatterer."
    He opened the door and Viki said, "I'm with you Thorsten. Always."
    But he didn't hear her. The roar of the crowd was deafening. And they were chanting, "Thor! Thor! Thor!'
    "My army!" he said.
    He held the Z10 aloft in his bloody hand and stepped into the conference hall.
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    Lol. ur funny dude. viki's a robot right?
    01-30-13 08:38 AM
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    Lol. ur funny dude. viki's a robot right?
    Thanks mate! Just a bit of fun. Viki is the personal assistant app coming out for BB10.
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    01-30-13 09:19 AM

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