1. dietertong's Avatar
    On Canada AM this morning

    Canada AM | Video - Watch Canada's Most Watched National Morning News Program - Canada AM (might have to select the 7:30am link)

    On BNN

    Strong demand for new BlackBerry: CEO - BNN News

    Both good interviews!
    02-05-13 08:48 AM
  2. crunch27's Avatar
    Just finished hearing the interview with Thorsten and Anna Maria on CBC. How can you not like Thorsten? Good interview.
    02-05-13 09:05 AM
  3. anon(3879737)'s Avatar
    The host of Canada AM thought Thorsten replaced Steve Jobs as RIM's CEO. see @10:18.
    02-05-13 09:40 AM
  4. EvolutionIV's Avatar
    I like how he didn't provide solid guidance numbers for break even sales, and re-directing the attention to the new "new promoter score" metric. The reporter mentioned someone quoted to break-even they needed sales of 28MM to 33MM, who was that?

    Go Blackberry go!

    This is my first post! been a lurker around here for a long time.
    02-05-13 09:55 AM
  5. pmccartney's Avatar
    The host of Canada AM thought Thorsten replaced Steve Jobs as RIM's CEO. see @10:18.
    It was just a little comparison of the fact that Jobs was 'replaced' at Apple similar to how ML/JB were replaced by TH and RIM.
    02-05-13 10:29 AM

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