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    Of all the interviews I've seen with Mr Heins the two biggest questions i would like to see asked ,never seem to be asked by the interviewer, and these would be-

    Question 1- What is Blackberry's plans for innovation?

    Blackberry is a small organization compared to larger companies. This is an ace IMHO. A smaller company has the flexibility to organize itself and adapt quicker and with more agility then a larger more bulky company. I would personally like to have confirmation that Blackberry is undergoing alan for rapid innovation and execution.

    We are aware that Blackberry has much innovation underway and many future lateral deployments of BB10. I would like to see a plan for rapid execution

    Question 2- What is with the lack of Blackberry Public Relations Department is regards to
    Negative media?

    Blackberry public relations department should be more proactive in the media. The lack of PR out of Blackberry needs to be addressed. More prudence should be set into motion

    These are my two big questions thanks
    03-25-13 01:49 PM
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    Interesting questions... ad for your first... I guess it depends on what you think innovation is.... without definition it would be hard to answer... For me it is providing something not seen before or a new way of doing an old thing... I think the BB10 covers both of these... there is no OS like it... yes it has elements of Web OS and Megoo but is definitely different.... It definitely performs better in the communication field better than the other smartphones... The hub concept has been around for a while... BB just innovated it... made it better and more efficient...Look at BB10 security and BYOD... how many other companies are bringing out a service to integrate multiple platforms??? Knox by Sammy is an untested service and no one knows if it will even work.. Sammy has been really vague on this.. Wonder why.....I am sure if you asked Thorsten... he would say it is already innovative... with more to come with communications in the home cars and retail...

    As for the second question... being a publicly held company.. there is little one can do to challenge the negative PR.... You cannot release sales data before the quarterlies... successful sales are the only real response the market understands.....so the best you can do is be general... you can respond to blatantly false claims like the Guardians about the British Government or all the ones about the Pentagon as they have with press releases... this is why the negativity continues... no accountability in the media... At least the guardian pulled the article... but you would not know it reading a lot of the tech sites.... Same with the Pentagon story.... As money drives all these negative stories "manipulate the stock price up or down" what would you have BB do... I think it is a testimony to BB and its followers that things have done as well as they have...
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    03-25-13 02:10 PM

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