10-03-09 09:38 PM
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  1. apollosministry#CB's Avatar
    I got the Pre over 2 weeks ago and do love the Web OS alot, the browsing, and the WIFI which is nice if you are in a hot spot often. I also like the screen, the clarity of websites, but Pre does not support Flash and that is a bummer. The BIGGEST issue i have with the Pre (I am a 2 year user of the blackberry 8830) is the BATTERY life, it really does not last like the black berry at all. I realize the more browsing and the more wifi the more battery life but even normal usage I cannot get through a 8 hour day without finding my charger.
    I am in the tough spot because I love the camera, the Web OS, the applications, and the ease of use with all my email accounts and schedules but I miss my BB! I may be taking my Pre back, but still not 100%...
    10-03-09 07:49 PM
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    Update time!

    I have only had it for two days and both of those days I was working twelve hour shift so not much play time.

    1. The OS. This is the kind of modern operating system I am looking for. Very nice to look at and dead simple multi-tasking. Completely blows away Apples effort and makes WM like a half hearted effort in that area, it was a pain to tell what you have open. BB is better in that respect by giving you a panel to see what you have open. What is better than better than berry here is that you simply swipe it away. You don't have to stop what you doing and go into that program and then exit out of it. Just a simple one step process.

    2.) The screen. Very clear and bright with excellent touch sensitivity. This is my first capacitive screen and am amazed how much better it is than resistive screens.

    3.) The size of the device. I never thought I would call the Tour large but this thing is small. It is also very light weight.

    4.) Vibrater. The vibrator is surprisingly strong, I can actually feel it through my bullet proof vest.

    5.) Email. I get my email slower than I did with the Tour, 15 seconds compared to 5 seconds. Truth be told there are few circumstances that ever occur in my life that 15 minutes would make a difference. Big improvement is full HTML emails off the bat, no get images.

    6.) Web Browser-It rocks. It loads fast, zooms both ways very well, multi windows is awesome. The only thing that comes close is Opera Mobile on WM.
    67) Wifi-Nice to have it back, now that I have a great web browser to use I am actually using nightly.
    1.) Build quality. The build quality on this thing flat out sucks. Mine does not suffer from a bad oreo but some play I would consider normal for this type of slider. But more on the overall build of the phone it feels like it came from fisher price, and that might me an insult to the toy maker.

    2.) Keyboard-This is obvious, it is small cramped and the top keys are crammed against the bottom of the screen. But I can type just as fast as on the Tour and actually make less mistakes. I am chalking that up to the seperated keys similar to the Curve rather than the together keys of the Tour.

    3.) App Store-Pretty limited right now but should be growing greatly with paid apps no coming on line. The homebrew community is also pretty large.

    Thats all I got for now. Overall I am very happy and am glad I made the switch. If Palm ever puts this OS on solid hardware they will have a killer phone. But for me the advantages of the OS outweigh the shortcomings of the hardware.
    10-03-09 09:38 PM
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