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    I'm looking into ways of cascading a few really useful BB tips/keypad shortcuts etc... to BB users in our organisation on a monthly basis. I find that there are so many useful tips out there that my people would find helpful. They don't have the time to go searching for tips but I do so I want to forward on things I know.

    The problems I'm having are for example, in order to format the tips so they display nicely on a single page on the BB screen, the email I send to them looks odd when displayed in their mail client so if they or their PA read the tips on Lotus Notes it looks like a mess. Also it can start to look messy as no-one seems to use the same font type/size on their BB - words spill over to the next line etc...

    One thing I was looking into was to send the tips via a PIN message to bypass the mail client completely.

    I was wondering if anyone else here already does something similar for their BB users and if/how you've overcome similar problems?
    11-14-08 02:20 AM
  2. noaim's Avatar
    well my first suggestion is that if you have a pdf creating software just make a pdf =)

    can be opened on pretty much every platform and it looks the same when working with what your describing this is probably your best solution. To top that off. You could keep the document local/server side on your machine and update it create a new pdf each time and send it out. This would keep all the tips in 1 doc? This is what I would do anyway.
    11-14-08 04:23 AM
  3. smousse's Avatar
    I considered the pdf option but the problem was that retrieving the attachment was an extra couple of steps for each person rather than simply opening the email and being instantly presented with the tips in the body of the message.

    I think I'm gonna have to just send out a message optimised to look right on the BB screen and not worry too much about the way the words have wrapped in the notes client.

    Thanks for yr reply.
    11-18-08 09:57 AM