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    I have been following alot of posts on this site and realize the knowledge of the community and was hoping you all could help answer some questions for me about BB.

    I currently have an android device and while I love the games and apps there are only a few I truly need and all of the games I have double of on my Ipod Touch.

    I used to be a Palm Treo faithful but clearly they have nothing to replace that phone, the Pre is just not for me. But I really miss my physical keyboard and have seriously been considering moving to BB but hope you can answer some thoughts I have.

    These are the apps that I truly use and want and wondering if they are offered on BB or something similar.
    -Movies (something showing show times and theatres near me)
    -TV Guide
    -Radio Stations (ability to listen to local radio stations live)
    -Tethering (i have seen an app but I am not about to pay 49 bucks for it)

    I am alos very disapointed in the battery life of the android devices and hoping there is a difference with BB. I do realize that not playing games on my BB will help battery life.

    If there is anything else you think I should know to help my decision I would greatly appreciate it. I will be moving to a Bold 9650

    Is there anything new on the horozin that I should wait for? I am in no serious rush to make the jump, just feel like I would be happier
    10-13-10 11:20 PM
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    Oh and I was wondering if I can set speed dials to each key and use the keyboard to search contacts when typing
    10-13-10 11:31 PM
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    I own and use the 9650 and it is a great phone. I run my business with mine so it is a real workhorse. Having said that, I am hoping that VZ will come out with something like the Torch or the Android Pro. I want a larger screen but still want the keyboard. I have heard of rumors that RIM will come out with something similar for VZ in the not too distant future. But for you right now, the 9650 is a real winner. You will be able to update it to OS6 soon and this will give you a nice web browser. Good luck you will really like the 9650 and you can get all of the apps that you mentioned on your 9650. Stay on this board, it is the best on the web.
    10-13-10 11:40 PM
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    Speed dials can indeed be assigned to the Qwerty keyboard. Search Contacts by Holding the Send key briefly to open the Address Book and type the first letter(s) of the name you seek.

    There are various free apps for movie theaters and showtimes. I typically use go2, but there's Poynt, LifeinPocket, and several others to peruse.

    Your iPhone & BlackBerry are Now Radios - iheartradio.com 350+ Radio Stations, Videos & More


    Nobex. http://www.nobexrc.com/rc421-46/com_nobexinc_rc.jad

    Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music

    Slacker Radio

    For Tether, watch for it to go on sale for price. I'll probably be doing that soon, myself.
    The Bold 9650 is a pretty decent choice, and is quite popular on the CDMA side of BlackBerry. I prefer its keyboard to that of either of the latest iterations of the Curve, and its slight change from Tour.

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    10-13-10 11:47 PM
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    Most BlackBerry's will do quite well on battery life.
    The Movies app is on BlackBerry and the only difference I see from the android version is a little speed loss and lower quality trailers.
    There are a few free (app cost) ways of tethering, but they're a pain in the rear and your carrier might catch you. Tether is a great app...at half price I waited for a sale to come around and I'm glad I did. Easy to set up and use and it works perfectly through bluetooth. You may still get caught using Tether, but they're very good at routing the data so it doesn't look like you're using a PC.
    There are a ton of radio stations listed in app world and you can browse App World from your computer. Go to BlackBerry.com and poke around. I would suggest that any paid apps be bought through the CB app store or mobihand.com (same store) as the my account features and device portability are better on them. Plus there are still a few apps that you will not find on App World. Also, google and amazon do not list their apps on App World, so if you don't find an app you're looking for it may be available directly from the developer.

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    10-14-10 12:15 AM