1. ppfd's Avatar
    I have a Curve 8310 and I still can't figure out the GPS!
    How do I know if its on and working? I refreshed the GPS on 8-15-08 and today it still shows the same info. The accuracy was only at 15 miles as well. I thought this would work like my little Garmin hand held does.

    Does the GPS only work if you purchase the Tele Nav subscription?

    Which leads me to the next question. I have both Google maps and Tele Nav maps. Will the GPS work with GM? And is TN worth having as well if I don't want to pay for TN?

    Will the GPS work with BB maps if I install it?

    08-25-08 12:30 AM
  2. cjharley's Avatar
    I installed Google maps and have had great results. Not sure why you are having issues. Hopefully someone here can assist you more so than I can.
    08-25-08 12:35 AM
  3. Barfaroo's Avatar
    I have the 8830, so it might be different. Try going to Options on the Main Menu. Scroll down to Security Options, select Application Permissions, scroll down to the application you're interested in (e.g., Google Maps). Then use the Menu key, the one to the left of the trackball, and Edit Permissions. Try changing them to Allow. See if that works.
    08-25-08 02:04 PM
  4. hvnlybodies's Avatar
    Yeah I use google maps too. No way in the world am I paying for something thats available for free. It does say it is only accurate to a certain amount of miles....wich is stinky.
    08-25-08 02:55 PM
  5. dcscott's Avatar
    PPFD - If you refreshed it on the 15th and looked at it again today without doing another refresh then you will see the same data as you did on the 15th. Another refresh should update the info. When you say it is only accurate to 15 miles how are you determining that. My 8310 is every bit as accurate as my Garmin. And to answer your other question you do not need Telenav to use the GPS. I use it with Geocache Navigator and Co-Pilot regularly.
    08-25-08 04:16 PM
  6. ppfd's Avatar
    Thanks all!

    As far as the 15M reference, this is what the GPS said at the time. I did not compare it with another unit. So the GPS is constantly working in the background? And unless I refresh it I will not see accurate info as far as location, satellites, lat & longitude,etc?
    What can I do to gauge the accuracy of the BB GPS? Can I do this with Google maps?
    I guess what I'm comparing the BB GPS with is my little hand held unit. It is constantly updating and I can see the results.

    I will look into setting G maps and ditch TN if I don't need it.

    dc you mention Geocache Nav. is this a program you use with the BB?
    08-25-08 10:13 PM
  7. dcscott's Avatar
    PPFD - No the GPS is not constantly running in the background. It only runs when either you go into options and "refresh" it or when you activate a software application that utilizes the GPS. When you do refresh it or use it with a software application, the accuracy should be as good or better than any handheld GPS. As for the lack of accuracy when you tried it I'm guessing you were probably somewhere that didn't allow good reception, like inside a building.

    There are many applications that can use the GPS such as Telenav, Geocache Navigator, Co-Pilot, etc. Perhaps if you were to tell us what you are trying to do with the GPS we could point you in the right direction. Are you looking for something to help you navigate your car, locate geocache sites, or what?
    08-26-08 09:04 PM
  8. ppfd's Avatar
    I'd like to use it for general driving and mapping more than anything. Maybe trying geocaching a little as well.

    As far as Google maps, the blue blinking indicator, is this the GPS working?
    08-27-08 10:22 PM