05-18-11 12:47 AM
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  1. luqman24's Avatar
    I don't get it... so Yeah, you have a fix, and don't care to share? or Yeah, the fix is to downgrade the OS?
    Downgraded to .450 which is the best OS so to date in my opinion. Been running it since the day it was leaked and have 0 issues or complaints.

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    05-17-11 11:20 PM
  2. Zach7's Avatar
    Same small font on my Torch. Must be the OS as others are saying! Go At$t!
    05-17-11 11:26 PM
  3. BoldtotheMax's Avatar
    I have been running full-site now for awhile since figuring out column view and works great, just a little slow, but doable...

    Wap on native browser was painful! Had to scroll right to left all the time. I just used the older opera Mini5 beta for it and worked good.
    05-18-11 12:47 AM
28 12