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    It's hard to believe, and sad at the same time, how many BB diehards are leaving BB for iPhones or Droids. I posted about two former BB Sprint employee diehards that are now droid lovers. Two business associates who said they would never change made the change to droids also. He was enticing me with his Motorola physical keyboard droid which looked decent but I'll stick with my Tour for at least the time being.

    They seem to be losing market share by the day. I wonder if there will be any customers left by the time BB10 comes out.

    I know - many threads with similar content. I'll just add this one to the pile and pose these questions - Do you know of people that have given up their BB for iPhones or Droids? If so, how do they like it and are they staying with their new device? Probably most important question - Do you know people that have an iPhone or Droid that are switching to a BB?

    I suspect the latter question will result in not too many people saying yes. The Sprint sales associate at a local Sprint owned store tells me iPhones and Droids are the best sellers and he has only sold 1 BB phone - that's right, 1 phone - in the past several months. Sad.
    06-23-12 03:30 PM
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    Well we better get the fly scooper out then. Don't know her personally but chrisy5something went to android and came back. Several others here also.
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    06-23-12 03:40 PM
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    like you said, there aer other threads like this. Please add to them
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    06-23-12 03:41 PM