1. Moneymals's Avatar
    i dont know if anyone has this phone, but theres a storm that takes tmobile and att simcards. i want to know does anyone know more about this? this is very nice and ill trade up my curve for it any day. will i be able to use internet also, anyone know about this. holla thanks
    10-15-09 06:49 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    They all can but you would need to have the GSM side of
    the phone unlocked first. Here you will find reputable vendors
    who can help with that.

    Cell Unlocking Companies

    After that there is a little work that needs to be done but
    Crackberry.com member pltaylor laid out very nice
    instructions in the two threads below:


    10-15-09 07:03 PM
  3. es_bih's Avatar
    You'd need to get the Storm model 9500, which is Vodafone branded. This will have quadband GSM (EDGE for data) bands. You can also unlock a Verizon branded model 9530, too and use it.

    One way or another, I'd recommend waiting for the Storm 2 to come out within the next few weeks, you'll like it much better.

    From a data perspective, I'd rather stick with the 8900 as it has more channels when it comes to the EDGE connection... long story short - the 8900 will be much faster than either the Storm or Storm 2 when used on a basic GSM network.

    What data plan do you have? You should be able to use your pre-existing pland. Beware neither the GSM (9500 - vodafone) nor the CDMA (9530 - verizon) have WiFi. The Storm 2 will have WiFi.

    Hope that helps.
    10-15-09 07:04 PM