1. Nanr22's Avatar
    So my daughter recently got her phone wet and so we did the whole dry in rice thing for 5 days, and low and behold it came back on. But shortly after that (a day), it began turning off and on on it's own. Is there a way to test the phone without the battery to determine if it is the battery that is bad or the phone?
    01-09-12 05:57 PM
  2. GingerSnapsBack's Avatar
    I doubt it. Easiest thing would be stop by your WSP or see if a friend or family member has the same battery in their phone. Your WSP can give you a loaner battery for a couple days (If you ask nicely) to test out in the store to see if that's the problem. My guess would be even though the rice did dry out the phone, there is some damage. Kind of like getting into a car wreck, getting your car fixed and getting it back, but it just doesn't ever seem to work right again.
    01-10-12 10:57 AM