1. dblackcole's Avatar
    The root of my problem is that I don't believe tasks show on the calender in the Today style themes. I simply wanted to add tasks to my home screen on my BB. I don 't want to lose anything! I just want to "add" one application to the screen/theme that I love! Oh well, we can't have everything can we? It just seems so basic that I am surprised that the developers at BB (or Verizon even) did not come up with a way to allow the users to select an application (of their own choice) to add to the Today style theme? I would suspect that it will happen eventually though because I see that I am not alone in this complaint as I have noticed out on the web.

    Nonetheless, I appreciate your time and patience in getting back to me regarding this non-critical issue (it would just be nice if it could be done is all).
    06-23-08 05:36 PM
  2. ok4a56's Avatar
    I agree with you. Let me know if you figure anything out.

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    06-23-08 05:46 PM
  3. AbeFrohman's Avatar
    Unfortunately, no. The Today theme is designed with those applications on the home screen. Others (L, Zen and Icon) will allow you to move applications to suit your taste on the home screen, but not the "today" theme.

    See another post floating around today re: bottom docked themes for more technical explanations of how/why they're not movable.
    06-23-08 05:50 PM
  4. AbeFrohman's Avatar
    As an afterthought... do a forum search and look at the U theme. It's got several more icons docked around the perimeter, including "tasks" and "to do". That may help fill the void in the Today theme for you.
    06-23-08 05:52 PM