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    I have a 4g card and only 8387701 of free space. My bb is slow and hangs up, I have deleted a ton of stuff, but the number never goes up....do I need to defragment the memory or the bb itself?
    08-17-09 12:21 PM
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    BlackBerry has a built in automatic program to do the memory optimization, it runs when needed to recover memory. There are programs that will force a "garbage collection", but there is no benifit ifn bypassing the automatic operation.

    You are reporting about 8 Mb of memory, that means you have a lot of something stored in memory.

    There are a couple things you can do, getting the setting correct is a good starting place.

    08-17-09 12:27 PM
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    how do i defrag my blackberry curve 8530?
    06-17-11 09:22 PM
  4. dejuanjohnson72's Avatar
    how do i erase my current number on my blackberry curve?
    06-17-11 09:24 PM
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    You cannot defrag the memory in a blackberry.

    Defragmentation came about due to the fragmentation of stored data on hard drives. Since the drives have to move the heads then wait for the data to spin under the heads to be read (seek time), it made sense and good performance gains to defragment a hard drive.

    Blackberrys use Flash memory. Flash memory does not have any measurable seek time when it is reading data compared to hard drives, since Flash memory doesn't have any moving parts.
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    06-17-11 09:29 PM
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    As what I did,
    Connect your Micro-SD card to the computer. Since the Micro-SD card will hold all your transient data (as well as axillary applications) this is what will need to be defragmented for your phone to work properly. There are two ways to connect your Micro-SD card to the computer.
    The first way is to take your Micro-SD card out of the BlackBerry and insert it into a standard SD adapter. Then put the adapter into a SD card slot or SD adapter for your computer. When the SD Card is connected, it will be accessible via the My Computer area.
    The second way to connect your SD card to the computer is to connect your BlackBerry to the computer via a mini-USB cord, and then select the BlackBerry from the My Computer section. Once you have opened the BlackBerry, select the SD memory card.

    pen your computer's Defragmentation utility. This is found in the Programs menu, under the "System tools" section which is found in the "Accessories" tab.

    Select your SD card from the list of available drives. Alternately, you can go to the "My Computer" section of the computer, select your SD card from the list, and then right click on it. Then click on the "Properties" option from the sub-menu. Go over to the "Tools" tab, and then press the "Defragment now" button.

    Press the "Defragment" button at the bottom of the screen. Since Micro SD cards do not exceed 8 GB in size, the process should be fairly brief, taking no more than 30 minutes for heavily fragmented cards. Once the process is complete, you may disconnect your SD card, and if you removed it from the BlackBerry, reinsert it.
    03-30-14 04:57 AM
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    Flash memory should never be defragged. It's a process for mechanical hard drives. You gain nothing from it in terms of performance and it kills some of the read/write cycles that flash memory has in a limited number.

    Try putting an SSD into a Windows machine: the scheduled defrag won't run because it's not necessary.

    Also, if micro SD cards aren't larger than 8 GB, how do explain the 64 GB card living in my Q10 right now?

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    03-30-14 07:38 AM
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    I don't know the inner-workings of QNX, but if it (like most modern systems) is using a journalized filesystem, there is no such thing as fragmented segments to begin with.
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    03-30-14 08:53 AM