01-13-13 12:11 PM
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  1. mooseb0y's Avatar
    Translation for us laymen.. Please
    Bei mein schlechtes Deutsches,

    No fear, children. When the German people see how well made BB10 is, there will be no question if they will buy it. The way to German Women and Men is the truth.
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    01-12-13 11:34 PM
  2. dasar's Avatar
    One of the biggest problems that Rim has is that they have set the BIS support off and t dismissed the Reps and coaches.
    There are no more trainings for sellers, trainings for callcenters are held by people that should sit better behind the desk, and so all lose the interest.
    We can only hope that the launch of BB10 arouses the interest again and the cooperation between us (BlackBerryBase.net) and RIM continues to grow to support the german users
    01-13-13 05:28 AM
  3. metale's Avatar
    Seems to be completely different in UK and South-Europe...and hopefully in the rest of the world.
    Not in Portugal. While the thinking pattern appears similar to Germany, carriers here are starting to drop BBs alltogether, removing them from their websites, and soon people will have trouble even rememering them, let alone find them on a store.
    01-13-13 05:30 AM
  4. Slash82's Avatar
    First of all: THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR REPLIES!!!!
    Especially to Kevin, it's really great, that you found time to read this post and took time to reply to it - I know that you are very busy these days!

    What I wantend to let you and RIM know is:
    It's not fact, that people over here (I speak for Germany) don't like Blackberry devices or think that Blackberry is almost dead or so.
    People just don't know Blackberry!

    Most of them only know: it's an electronic device with buttons on it for business people to send e-mails!
    Blackberry has a lot of potential - even when we still speak of OS7.X!!

    There are no posters, no radio commercials, no TV commercials - nothing!
    How should people know about the power of Blackberry?

    I know that Thorsten Heins is German, I also know that RIM's CMO is a great personality and has a hard job to fix mistakes from the past!
    But I also know is, that Thorsten Heins has a lot more to do, as to think about the German market.
    RIM is a global company and every part of the world and every single costumer is important to them!
    Example: Did you see Alec Saunders on twitter? He almost replies to every question he get's there - and that's unique!

    But from my point of view, Germany is one of the big player in Europe and one of the hardest markets to get ground.
    To sell new thing to Germans means, is not like selling things in the US.
    US people are like: "Woa, something new? Let me see that! I will buy it and try it! Great!"
    Germans are more like: "Something new? Meeeh... I don't know that! And the device I have is doing a great job! Why should I buy yours? Do you have a proof for me that it's better?"
    As I wrote in my first post: People over here don't do that kind of researches - they only do research for things they already know!
    They are not very open to new things! They are not interested in such things!
    You have to bring it on television, with examples, like: "With this you can do this... bla, bla."
    Microsoft placed A LOT of commercials on TV - it just works!
    Youtube videos? Useless!

    As I wrote above the biggest problem over here is that people don't know RIM - and not, that they don't like RIM!!!
    RIM has really to understand that!
    I'm sure, that Germans will love Blackberry and it's efficiency!
    If RIM get's that: Windows Phone and Android will lose massive ground!!! (and Apple nowadays hurting them selfs with it's lack of innovation).

    I adressed that also to Kevin, because he has great connections as founder of the biggest Blackberry page in the whole wide web.
    And as a fan and a part of the community I just want bring my part to bring RIM back to old strength.
    01-13-13 12:11 PM
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