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    New BB user here, about 2 weeks in. I love it. I'm currently trying to gear my lifestyle to be able to use ALL the features to get the most out of it.

    Heres my thing, I don't see the gain or difference between IMing and texting someone?? They are both basically instant, unless the other half is not texting back right away. Is there really a need for IM software and a text message plan?

    There are no other BB users I'm associated with so text message and email is all I have.

    05-31-08 12:31 PM
  2. CrackdBanker's Avatar
    Well, depending on your data plan there is a difference. Using BB Messenger is free for people with a BB data plan. Whereas text messaging isn't free or unlimited on all plans. As well, BB Msgr can only be used to message other BB users.

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    05-31-08 12:35 PM
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    One cool thing I did this morning was IM my mother with AIM using my BB while she was on her home PC. That was nice.
    05-31-08 12:41 PM
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    There are PIN exchange threads on here for you to find other BB users to chat to via BB messenger or PIN messaging.

    Other IM sofware such as Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger etc (or use through Jivetalk) also use data and you can talk to anyone who uses it not just BB users with these.
    05-31-08 12:43 PM
  5. SilverSurfR's Avatar
    I don't use IM software on the phone. I mean I could, I just choose not to.

    There are differences to txting and IMing. Lets say you have a friend who can't use his phone at work, but can easily keep AIM, GTalk, Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ, etc... open on his PC while he works. Obviously IM would be the better or only option in this case. Not to mention if someone can txt back but is in front of a PC with an IM client, it's much easier to use the IM client.
    05-31-08 12:46 PM
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    It depends:

    You can IM a cellphone through AIM as well. You just type +1areacodephonenumber with no spaces for example +14017867789 and you can IM a phone number and they recieve it as a text. I have JiveTalk and i leave my AIM on all day with no disconnects. JiveTalk uses data(but some IM clients use SMS so watch out if you dont have unlimited text)

    i have unlimited text && i text like its my job. LOL. I dont use BBM as none of my friends use bb devices, so i deleted it off my phone to save some memory.
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    05-31-08 12:48 PM
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    To reiterate what was said..it depends on your plan.
    Text messages have a limt 100, 200, 400..unless you have unlimited. The IM clients that come on the phone (at least i know for the 8320) use DATA. So i can chat all i want on yahoo aim gtalk, BBM and not use a single text. Which for me is good because my plan gives me 400 text messages and unlimited data. So, i tend to use my yahoo messenger a lot. If you have unlimited text and data, then the only difference would be basically on the end of the person you are contacting and what is convenient for them. And of course if you have unlimited text messages and something other than unlimited DATA, then texting would probably be best for you.

    Hope this helps. Welcome to crackberry!
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    05-31-08 02:09 PM
  8. Duvi's Avatar
    I believe IM is what the name stands for, instant!

    I find it to be a lot quicker to IM than text. It also depends on the situation which can make it easier. At my job, I will answer IMs faster than a text message as it's on my screen.
    05-31-08 03:13 PM
  9. dannxx0's Avatar
    I find it alot quicker to Im then text
    but then again, you can always have your ims fowarded to your phone while your away from your computer. and some people might be away from their computers by might have their phone with them so texting sometimes makes it easeir
    05-31-08 03:47 PM