1. adamschuetze's Avatar
    After wiping my 9900 for an OS upgrade I went to reinstall my apps. In a couple situations I am unable to reinstall the app. I am getting the error

    "There was a problem installing <app>. Please try again."

    I have got this error before on different apps. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it doesn't. In some cases the developer has provided me with an alternate download (toysoft), in other cases I've been met by silence (mblware).

    What is causing this error? Has anybody seen this before? It's been happening to me off and on for the last couple months. Every time I wipe/upgrade I hold my breath while I wait to see what apps I can't reinstall immediately from App World.

    Adam Schuetze
    10-20-12 12:18 AM
  2. iriscameele's Avatar

    has this been resolved?

    11-07-13 02:33 AM
  3. Ayman Mohamed's Avatar
    I got a BB Bold 9900 last night and can't download apps on it. I have tried everything, including uninstall/reinstall several times but when I accept these and after i press download this message appear " There was a problem to Installing .... " I have a BlackBerry Data Plane enabled on my account with my mobile provider and all thing is work BBM , Maps and can upgrading the application face book ,twitter any thing but i can't download any application on phone

    Please some help
    11-27-13 01:41 PM

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