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    Ive owned 3 generations of Blackberry Bold and now have a 9900, Im an engineer of over 25 years and hobbies have included amateur radio so id say I have a little experiance with modern electronics.

    since I upgraded to the 9900 just before xmas I have never had any problems with charge cycles however my 9900 would only last 10-12 on standby alone.

    I read all the threads asked all the questions and tried all the tricks, turning off unused radios ect-.

    I was sent new battery from my provider (Vodafone UK), for the first 3 charge cycles the 9900 last around 18 hours then it rapidly declined to the old 10-12 hours again.

    last week Vodafone gave me a brand new unit.

    the first 3 charges and the 9900 has lasted 18 hours before I put it back on charge however still having 40-50% battery life left.

    however today after taking off charge the battery has rapidly depleted to 80% in 2 hours, although it has stayed at 80% for the last hour or so.

    Ive never experienced issues like this before, it seems to me theres an issue with some of these phones, theres just to many people on this forum alone complaining for it to be nothing.

    I have a friend who charge cycle lasted only 4 hours.
    01-13-12 11:01 AM
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    4 hour charge cycle ? That is quite longer then my 9790 ... When I first got it, I redlined the battery 2-3 times and even then, the charge cycle didnt take more then 2.5 hours, 3 at the max. My 9790 lasts me 2 days easy if I leave it on standby mode and dont use it.
    01-13-12 11:07 AM
  3. T
    Well, I don't have a 9900/9930 or any science behind my experience, but I've noticed the battery on my 9650 seems to hold its charge better if I leave it charging in the cradle (bedside mode) overnight. But yes, there seem to be some charging related anomalies with the new Bold, though I've read here that many people are getting the worst ones (the bricking) resolved by obtaining replacement units that seem to be unaffected.
    01-13-12 11:15 AM
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    Could be a bad battery. Or try updating to the latest OS build.
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    01-13-12 11:23 AM
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    Could be a bad battery. Or try updating to the latest OS build.
    I once received a "brand new" defective battery, it is possible that the phone(s) came with a defective battery. Most carrier stores have the ability to test batteries
    01-13-12 11:32 AM