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    I am currently using telnav gps on my curve from alltel, and I drive a semi...when I miss a turn it says "do a u-turn" and has tried to take me under low bridges etc. .......This is really annoying.
    I've made it work so far by watching the streets and such but it get's mad at me when I don't take the exact route it tells me to. I'm looking for something that is a little more compatable with vehicle type and my innability to do a u-turn with a 53 foot trailer behind me.
    Where I live most streets are posted no u-turn anyways......
    02-06-09 01:02 PM
  2. dylanbb's Avatar
    Breaker breaker 1 9 we got a few bears sittin out here bout mile marker 53 over n out!
    02-06-09 01:07 PM
  3. rgorman's Avatar
    Some GPS have the ability to "avoid U-Turns" and will re-calculate accordingly. It usually is with the settings for "shortest route" or "quickest time".

    But remember, 2 wrongs don't make a right, but 3 rights make a uturn...
    02-06-09 01:27 PM
  4. scywin's Avatar
    With the amount of driving you do, I would purchase a stand alone GPS. I have Garmin Nuvi that operates the way you want by default and having the larger screen, maps on the device rather than downloaded, etc. would be a real benefit for you.

    Besides, don't you want to free up your phone for texting while you drive! LOL

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    02-06-09 01:51 PM
  5. jaredthegeek's Avatar
    Two bits of advice from another driver...

    1. Get a Garmin and update it regularly to have the most current maps.

    2. Do NOT rely on the GPS. Cross check your routing with your truck atlas and triple check for restricted routes and low clearance locations.

    GPS solutions exist for trucks but they still route on restricted roads and do not adequately account for low bridges. I use google maps very heavily, mostly for getting a birds eye view of where I'm going.

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    02-06-09 01:59 PM
  6. Mamaluka's Avatar
    The garmin C350 and two other C. Models have the "truck" option in their setting. Garmin has stopped making all three Nuvis. Why? I don't know. No other Garmins offer this truck feature anymore. This would be a great thing for someone to introduce.

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    02-06-09 05:19 PM