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    I used BlackBerry curve when it was launched. I loved the phone, had no issues but somehow I just couldn't stick to it. Something was missing on BlackBerry. And at that I wanted apps games. Then I got iPhone. I used it for quite a long time till iphone4. Then I shifted to Android, which had all the goods of iPhone minus all the problems of iPhone. But somewhere inside I just missed BlackBerry. And when Q10 was launched I immediately knew that this was the phone I was waiting for. Now that I got I just can't put it down. More I use it more I love it. Awesome typing experience, awesome user interface. I don't think I'm ever gonna leave BlackBerry now.

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    09-02-13 10:00 AM
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    Welcome back! I am glad to be back as well loving my q10

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    09-02-13 10:11 AM

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