1. richw420's Avatar
    Is there somehow to get around the message "A Voice Call is currently in progress. Browsing will not be possible untill the Voice Call has been ended."?

    Maybe an app that could do this?

    04-22-10 01:19 AM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    No. You can only do this on a supported 3G device. It's a radio issue and no app
    can emulate a non existent radio.
    04-22-10 01:21 AM
  3. richw420's Avatar
    Thanks for the info,
    04-22-10 01:31 AM
  4. Ducaticorse's Avatar
    I thought I'd read that it's possible on WiFi capable devices, using WiFi as the connection for the browser - is that right?
    04-22-10 06:51 AM
  5. dancing-bass's Avatar
    ^^ Possible, although I admit I'm not entirely sure. I think that the antennas are separate (pretty sure on that actually) but the OS might not allow it to work. I'll let someone who knows the Tour better then me to answer for you!
    04-22-10 07:17 AM
  6. elvin1983's Avatar
    Yes, if you have a WiFi connection, you can browse the internet and use your phone at the same time, they use seperate radios.
    On T-Mobile you can also browse and talk on the phone ONLY if you have a 3G device, and only if you are in a 3G coverage area, since T-Mobile's network uses a seperate radio for the 3G data. If you have a Bold 9700, and you're out of 3G coverage and running on EDGE, you cannon talk and surf at the same time... same thing with AT&T... something they don't mention in those stupid commercials with Luke Wilson.
    04-22-10 07:57 AM
  7. Roscopcoletrain's Avatar
    No. You can only do this on a supported 3G device. It's a radio issue and no app
    can emulate a non existent radio.
    not really a 3G thing. Its a CDMA vs GSM/HSPA thing. CDMA is still 3G, but cant do voice & Data.
    04-22-10 08:05 AM
  8. happyjacked's Avatar
    On CDMA you can do it if using wifi for your data.

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    04-22-10 12:04 PM
  9. Slapnpop826's Avatar
    One of the reasons I am contemplating going back to AT&T.
    04-22-10 04:06 PM
  10. rayporsche's Avatar
    Yes I do it all the time, just have the conversation using your earphones while you browse the web......piece of cake !
    04-22-10 04:13 PM
  11. burnoutbright87's Avatar
    AT&T and T-Mobile can do it. Verizon and Sprint cannot. It's an advantage of GSM over CDMA.

    Like others have said, a CDMA user can do it if they have WiFi. Otherwise, no.
    04-22-10 05:03 PM
  12. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Only devices that support 3G can do it on GSM carriers.

    The device that the OP has does not support 3G.
    04-22-10 07:33 PM