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    On android, certain phones can be unlocked, and have custom software with more features to be flashed onto it. Is this possible on blackberries?
    10-18-15 01:03 PM
  2. g33kphr33k's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    10-18-15 01:07 PM
  3. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    Android is an open-source OS, meaning the source code to the base OS (though not to many of the apps and services from Google) is available to anyone who wishes to use them. And the bootloaders for most Android phones can be unlocked. These two things are what allows developers to make custom ROMs and get them loaded into Android phones.

    BB10 is a closed-source OS, meaning only internal BB developers have access to the source code, and BB10 phones don't have unlockable (by the user) bootloaders, so, no, there is no such thing as a custom BB10 ROM, and there won't be.
    10-19-15 11:37 AM
  4. Prem WatsApp's Avatar
    We can load leaks, but that's not custom.... :-)

    (if it's just for the fun exercise of loading an OS, not customizations per se...)

      Ahoy, Privateers...! :-)  
    10-19-15 04:12 PM

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