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    Last week I asked all of you what I should do about getting a replacement phone. Thanks to all of you who replied and gave me your suggestions.

    Well I decided to get a replacement phone and it came in yesterday. So of course I looked it over very carefully. The very first thing that I noticed was that the keyboard was different. Seeing as this was the first time that I had another 8320 to compare mine too.

    On my original curve that I bought, when you look at the left side of the keyboard, the letters are centered in the bottom middle of the keys, and the numbers are slightly off to the the left on top of the letters. Also the middle of my trackball is a dark grey.

    Now on my replacement curve, the numbers are on the top left of the keys, and the letters are on the bottom right. Also the middle of this trackball is a very light grey.

    When I look at them both side by side the letters and numbers on my original phone look like they are larger and easier to read. So I had to call T-Mobile today because I am not able to set up my gmail on my replacement phone, however I was able to set it up on my original phone. I mentioned the differences to the cust svc rep and she told me that no one else ever mentioned this to her.

    Ok before you all think that I am seeing things, I took both phones to work today and asked my co-workers if they could see anything different between the two phones. They all noticed the keyboard differences and the trackball differences right away.

    Has anyone else had a replacement phone sent to them, and they noticed that the keyboards and trackballs were different?
    09-30-08 06:39 PM
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    Shoulda came here to set up Gmail. Would have been alot quicker and more in depth...
    09-30-08 06:43 PM