1. steven s.'s Avatar
    Are there many themes that are Today themes with only Messages and Calendar, and icons? I've seen some but not many, and I'm not sure if I'm not looking in the correct places or just missing them.

    (ps, sorry if this should be in themes, it just seemed that it was just more for posting themes)
    11-25-08 10:49 PM
  2. wallyjayrosenberger's Avatar
    I haven't looked for themes for a while and the last time I looked I didn't see any. I would start scanning all the theme sites I could if I were you. Start at the theme section here.

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    11-25-08 10:56 PM
  3. steven s.'s Avatar
    Any other recommended theme sites?
    11-25-08 11:01 PM
  4. Synergie's Avatar
    Check in the themes section of here.... and look for themes with 'Custom' or 'Today Plus' (or Today +) in the titles...

    In fact I made one that you can download, it's in the theme section here called 'Fields bottom dock today plus' and it's in the 8300 theme section.
    11-25-08 11:05 PM
  5. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Any other recommended theme sites?


    11-25-08 11:11 PM
  6. susan3041's Avatar
    I ran into the same issue....register with theme4bb and they have a lot of today themes.
    11-26-08 09:38 AM
  7. steven s.'s Avatar
    A lot of the themes I see, the messages only include emails, and not SMS. Why arent SMS considered messages for a lot of themes?
    11-26-08 01:04 PM
  8. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    If you want a stock like theme edited, like a Today or Today Plus, I can do it for you. I just need to know what you want, what phone and what OS.
    11-26-08 03:17 PM