1. blondi7's Avatar
    Okay so I'm gettin kinda bored lookin through tons and tons of websites to download different themes. So I decided I would rather make them instead. Does anyone know of a program or website where you can make your own theme thats reliable? Thank you!

    Also...is there a program that will run with a vista operating system. Cuz I just tried to download a theme builder and its not supported by vista.

    Also Also... haha my phones system is on 4.3 if that matters. And if you've made your own themes before, do you have any advice for a first timer haha?
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    02-22-09 07:13 PM
  2. JBB89's Avatar
    plazmic 4.6 works for me. its vista/windows 7 compatible.
    02-22-09 07:32 PM
  3. Tremortality's Avatar
    You will need plazmic

    google that and your off to the races....It works on vista just fine.
    02-22-09 07:32 PM
  4. bx2md's Avatar
    try this link
    02-22-09 07:41 PM