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    06-30-12 06:30 AM
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    I heard it was pretty miserable in DC last night (Qubie, hope you get the lights back on soon!) I had the same situation last year when Irene blew through here and left us without juice for 6 1/2 days. I'd charge the phone and PB up at work, then run them down at night at home. It was a godsend.

    Hope you survived the nastiness ok.
    06-30-12 06:41 AM
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    Strong storms hit the DC area and knocked out power over a big area. Thanks to RIM I have Bridge and changeable battery in my Torch. I am able to watch the storms, alerts and power outage map.

    Thank you RIM for remembering what mobile devices are actually for.
    Yes! Tropical Storm Debbie here in Florida caused a lot of damage and power outages. My power was out not long (10 hours) but I was SO HAPPY that I had a spare battery already fully charged.

    One reason I CANNOT get an iPhone (that and lack of LED).

    My parents have iPhones and they COULD NOT swap batteries! Horrible in a situation like a storm.

    No one could even go to the car to charge because it was drenching rain and very high winds. Too dangerous. I was able to use my BLACKBERRY through the storm to contact FP&L (Florida Power & Light) and get updates on the storm.

    Great post, OP!!!!!
    06-30-12 06:49 AM
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    Thanks bear. We are fine except making coffee on the backyard grill burner. The iPhone holder is sitting in the car using USB to charge. I just swapped battery.
    As long as you can make coffee you will be OK.

    It is times like these that you see what is important and what is not. Hope you, and all others, are safe and that things clear up quickly.
    06-30-12 06:50 AM