1. susyh's Avatar
    Hey Im new to Android and would like to use the 3G from my Blackberry Torch and teather with my Galaxy tab 10.1
    Anybody have any experience doing this? I'd appreciate any help I could get!
    06-21-11 09:07 AM
  2. jthep's Avatar
    The Torch does not have a WiFi hotpsot feature and if you want to tether it through your service provider, I know ATT will make you pay through the nose, extra tethering fees.

    Actually I don't know of any BB with a WiFi hotpsot feature, but plenty have the ability to tether, but for a fee. There is the awesome Tether app which circumvents this, but I think it is only currently supported for Blackberry to PC or Android to PC.

    I am not second guessing your choice in tablets, I have yet to try that new Galaxy tab 10.1 it might be really good, but the Playbook lets you use BB Bridge which is not quite perfect tethering since it only allows Bridge apps, but the most important feature on a tablet, web browsing works well with full flash support unlike the phone's browser.

    BB Bridge is free tethering. If you were gonna go with an Android Tablet, I know most Android phones through risky "rooting" and the PDANet app can be turned into WiFi hotspots, without paying extra tethering fees to the carrier. But this process if done wrong can break the phone.

    None of my advice is helpful though, since if you had a Playbook, you could use Bridge with your Torch. Or if you had a recent Android phone, you could "root" it and tether/wifi hotspot for free on your Galaxy Tab.

    I guess what I am saying is life would have been easier if your tastes in tablets and smartphones were the same platform?
    06-21-11 09:18 PM