1. itsSkrilla's Avatar
    Is anyone else having problems with Internet tethering with a Z10?

    05-17-13 05:53 PM
  2. nelsonpml's Avatar
    I just made hotspot with my Z10 and had no issues. Works pretty good.

    Posted via CB10
    05-17-13 05:56 PM
  3. zehkaiser's Avatar
    I had horrible issues with mine. Bluetooth would work.

    USB would enable after fighting with it a bunch, but the PC wouldn't recognize the adapter.

    WiFi would cause my data connection to drop when a PC connected. It would cause LTE to constantly jump between lower case and caps.

    I eventually fixed it by toggling my escreen settings a few times and uninstalling Link from my PC. No idea why the uninstall was what fixed it... reinstalled Link and it works like a charm now.

    Posted via CB10
    05-17-13 06:45 PM
  4. itsSkrilla's Avatar
    I'm using a Mac, it just never seems to connect.

    05-18-13 10:17 PM

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