1. PeterD's Avatar
    I've had an 8830we for about 2 days now. All set up, latest OS and DS, email, Google sync, etc etc. No problems, 14M to 16MB free mem.

    I'm just North of Toronto, on Telus with as close to an "unlimited" plan as $80.00 a month will get me, however I own the phone.

    I have 2 browser icons, one BB and the other Telus apps, however both take me to a Telus page where I can D/L the "portal". I dont want the portal or any related crap, just a browser. FF mobile or something similar but I'm unsure if I MUST use the Telus thing because I'm on thier network.

    Although the 8830 is behind the curve now (har har), I have to say I really like it. The email & sync. features are fantastic. I can live without a camera. In fact, I have a 2 week old Rumour 2 I purchased while waiting for the PRE which I'm now not going to bother with.

    Thanks in advance.

    08-27-09 10:27 PM
  2. Reparkable's Avatar
    NO, you aren't required at all to use the native browser if thats what your asking.

    I use the Bolt Browser, and a lot of other people also prefer Opera Mini. These 2 browsers will be a great alternative to the native browser if you don't want to use it.
    08-28-09 01:16 AM