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    So I downloaded a leaked version of OS 6 for my last Bold 9700...worked OK, no biggie...but then I started realizing that my Telenav did not have GPS signal whenever I needed it...it had the red signal instead. I started realizing that I had to delete the telenav app and re-download it WHENEVER I wanted a GPS signal. As you all know, that is a 15 minute INconvenient process, especially when I'm spending $10/month for Telenav. So then I had them send me a replacement 9700...SAME EXACT issue. I've already spoken to ATT AND Telenav customer service, neither of them can help me. Is ANYONE else having this issue.

    FYI-Before the new OS 6, I didnt have trouble with my Telenav for 12 months...and I use it 20-30 times a week for work. Now this is becoming the most inconvenient part of my life!!
    And I have already had them send me a new BB to ensure that it had nothing to do with the phone's GPS signal.
    03-23-11 10:33 AM