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    I'm Ready to Buy a BlackBerry Again | TechnoBuffalo

    I’m ready to buy a BlackBerry again.
    I just got back from a meeting with Research In Motion to check out the latest build of BlackBerry 10. And, even on a developer device without final hardware, I’m confident in saying I’m ready to move back to using a BlackBerry. Look, I don’t know what the application selection is going to be like at launch, and applications are huge, but I’m incredibly, incredibly impressed where RIM is going.

    The entire user interface is blazingly fast. The only place I saw a single stutter was inside BlackBerry World, the store where you can purchase songs, music, videos and applications. Speaking of BlackBerry World, RIM promises that carrier billing will work at launch with more than 50 carriers, and that in-app purchases can also be applied to your monthly phone bill.
    01-09-13 11:43 PM
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    01-10-13 12:01 AM