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    There is a video in the source (worth watching) link below.

    "I’m ready to buy a BlackBerry 10 device. Why? Because yesterday we had a chance to meet with Research In Motion and check out a still unfinished build of the operating system. I already explained a lot about why I’m excited in yesterday’s article, but to sum that up, there’s an excellent and snappy user interface, useful camera software, NFC support, BlackBerry Hub for accessing messages at any time and more. There are also some interesting gestures to get to different menus, a satisfying BlackBerry World store for music, movies and apps, and much more. Check out the our deeper dive in the video above.

    As a quick reminder from RIM: this was filmed on a developer device and there are still several secrets that will be unveiled on Jan. 30 when the final build of BlackBerry 10 is revealed

    It's just exciting watching plenty of guys who initially wrote Blackberry off swallow humble pie...
    The word of mouth marketing for Blackberry is definitely working.

    Source: TechnoBuffalo
    01-10-13 03:48 PM
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    The only reason why "they" (punidits / bloggers in general, not TB specifically) wrote it off in the first place is because they weren't doing their homework: they weren't paying attention to what RIM was doing, were inclined to think everything was a lie, and didn't really give the PlayBook a fair shake (seeing beyond the brochure)... they wanted to make their determination with, say, 17 minutes of total time invested and then got to writing their 'reviews' and 'analysis' as though they DID invest sufficient time to form a proper opinion.

    What they are saying now shows that what they said in the recent past was the result of a 'phoning it in' approach to doing their 'jobs'. There really hasn't been much NEW information in weeks.

    Admittedly, I haven't followed TechnoBuffalo's specific coverage of RIM so this comment isn't directed at TB specifically, more at the "critics" of RIM whose criticism was based on their own apathetic approach to information gathering.

    I personally would like to see the page views of all the sites that were critical of RIM (in the face of excessive evidence that contradicts their opinion) drop like a stone... I mean "people getting fired" levels... because they SHOULD lose a significant amount of respect for the way they dealt with RIM mis-information, and the success of BB10 should be a "why didn't you see this coming, you're an 'industry analyst' aren't you?" situation.
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    01-10-13 04:13 PM

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