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    Followup from my previous thread on the z10 review by the GFQ Network:


    as promised by Andrew Zarian, the host of Tech News Weekly (and others), a completely unbiased, detailed review of the z10 as a primary phone for a period of 2 weeks.

    You can fast-forward to the pick of week segment at around the 50 minute mark to see Andrew's review of the z10, but if you interested in what else is going on in the rest of the tech world, please view the entire podcast.

    As a big BB fan, I agree with Andrew's review overall, except for the "too late" comment about BB's success in the consumer market - I do believe they have a shot here as well. We'll have to see with the ongoing development of apps for BB10.

    I enjoyed it. Andrew if you're reading this this.. thanks for the truly unbiased, and realistic review of the z10 especially coming from someone with your knowledge and exposure to the latest tech and from someone who has never used a BB before (this speaks volumes). You should let Sunkast play around with your at&t z10 phone before you return it. And note, since I know how much you enjoy phone cameras, that apparently the next BB10 OS update will include HDR functionality on the camera as well - so it should be that much better.

    Here's to hoping that the best apps come to BB swiftly - no pun intended

    PS: since you mentioned that you may be purchasing a z10 in your podcast.. we'd love to see you around the CB forums. I know how busy you are but feel free to post your questions, likes and dislikes - we're pretty open minded here and helpful (for the most part )
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    04-13-13 10:39 AM
  2. mathking606's Avatar
    It has a 100000 apps but anyway great unbiased review. Would love to see you on a CrackBerry podcast discussing BB and the phone. I actually believe BB needs to move into more of a service company.
    04-13-13 01:18 PM
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    lol there's quite a few tricks he does'nt know or didnt even mention.especially unlock and peek or in app peek.I also dont swipe through icons I hit the dots or slide.For someone taking loads of pictures that he likes why didnt he mention story maker yet.

    Someone hit him up.You really cant showcase this phone without constant personal use where you start finding quicker ''flow' and how the pheons just connected together.But its really good there are reviewers out there who actually do proper reviews.

    I hope someone messages him to do a thorough test.I just found out you can do a decent amount of editing on teh video's on your phone you combine that with story maker its quality I wonder if tehy will fuse the two together.

    Cant wait for 10.1 update nice little extras should make the phone that much better.
    04-13-13 05:28 PM

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