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    On 30 January took Canadian Research in Motion (RIM) the decision to change its name to BlackBerry and sjstte at the same time its two new Blackberry smartphones.

    Models Z10 and Coq10 is seen by investors as the former mobile giant's last chance at rehabilitation.

    BlackBerrys share stood at its highest in over 140 dollars before the financial crisis struck. The bottom was reached only at the end of september 2012 when the course was down at 6.30 dollars, the equivalent of about 41 pounds. After some recovery is the share in just over 18 dollars.

    BlackBerry thank The Swedish Astonoshing Tribe (TAT) because they gave the company a fair chance to fight with the big dragons again.

    "The TAT has been the single most contributing factor behind the new design and the experience for BB10-model [new smart mobiles Z10 and Coq10, reds. note]", have BlackBerrys vice President Don Lindsay said, according the Wall Street Journal.

    Malm-based TAT is a small firm that deals with engineering design. The company was founded in 2002 by six people with a keen interest in technology and design.

    About the same time began to color screens become reality on the commercial market and TAT was contacted within a year by Sony Ericsson. The market at the time, heavy mobile manufacturer wanted help with making it blurry display sharper.

    TAT then received orders from Nokia, Motorola and Samsung, and played a major role in the development of Google's operating system Android.

    December 1, 2010, the company was bought up by Canadian BlackBerry for 91 million euros, more than 830 million kronor. The six founders received approximately 73 million kroner each, prepaid. All other employees received up to six months ' salary was to follow with the BlackBerry.

    -I'm very glad we found TAT. We wanted to create a new look for BlackBerry and this was the group that could do that. through the acquisition, we laid the Foundation for the next-generation user interfaces, "said Mike Lazaridis, founder and CEO of BlackBerry to Sydsvenskan in november 2011.

    The business world has interviewed Jonas Norberg, site manager at TAT BlackBerry in Malm, which, four months after the business world's interview request, received permission to talk with us.

    It is almost time for the launch of the new Blackberry phone in Sweden?
    -Yes, it is not at all far away. We're talking a few weeks just before it is launched in the Nordic region. We are really looking forward to it; it's a lot of pride in this.

    Which operators will sell the BlackBerry Z10 in Sweden?
    -I can't tell you exactly which operators with on the train right from the start.

    Can you name any?
    -I know that Telenor is a large global operator and those we will definitely cooperate with. Since I don't have the exact track of all. We work more on developing platforms than launch and marketing.

    What do you have on TAT brought to the new smart phone?
    "We've been working with this graphics engine, and it is included in this platform and focused on the Visual software design.

    What is unique about BlackBerry Z10 compared to other smart phones?
    -Several things. For example, we have what we usually call for BlackBerry hub. In the hub, you can have all their e-mails, messages, updates and reminders and with very simple gestures to access everything and not have to go in and out of apps. Now you can easily jump between them and get a greater agility.

    Your personal technology favorites with the new phone?
    -Personally I like the phone's "typing experience". It lets you write incredibly quickly and is an amazing experience. BlackBerrys safety parts is another detail. Because one can separate the work area from the more private area with BlackBerry balance can I let my daughter use the telephone without being worried.

    You switched to a Blackberry phone only after you was acquired. What had you previously for mobile?
    -I have had the Sony Ericsson for a long time, if they existed. I also bought some Android phones. I have tested the Iphone but it has never been my thing. I think it's actually quite a lot in and out. It is this large button as you go in and out, in and out of all apps with. "there is no sense in the flow.

    What was the problem with the previous Blackberry models?
    -I wouldn't like to say that there was no problem with them. it comes to use the phone for a little while. Several features of the phones were amazing and we now have further developed and gained more esteem in. I think they are superior as a work phone.

    Something bad must have been otherwise had the BlackBerry never had to hire TAT?
    -BlackBerry decided a few years ago that it would upgrade its Java platform that we had in ten years. New technology takes time, but now we have made it as employees are a fantastic journey to be making an unprecedented platform from scratch. It has been a unique opportunity for our engineers.

    It's hardly a secret that the market shares went down in the bottom for the BlackBerry. So something must have been "less good"?
    -There are always things to improve. Browsingupplevelsen was perhaps not the optimal, but then we went in and bought the Torch mobile and today has one of the best browsers on the new phone. Even if you have had touch screen phones have the BlackBerry might have historically been associated with mysterious buttons.

    What do TAT with for project right now?
    -We work with the new upcoming phone. It is about new technology innovations, applications perspectives and ux (user experience).

    What can we expect from the new phone?
    -That they are even better, even more easy to use and has better performance and performance. We have a vision of creating a mobile computing platform as we say. We must now take the next step towards that vision. We are not limited to just making phones but we also look at other segments.

    What is the segment?
    -There are a few paragraphs that we have officially communicated. It's all about tablets and automotive. Since I can not comment on exactly what types of products it is. But once we get there, we can start talking about it.

    Can we expect some brand new products not available on the market today?
    -It may very well be. We have developed a software platform that can be used in many other ways than just in phones-in cars, medical devices, nuclear power plants, in all sorts of stuff. That doesn't mean we're going to go into all these areas but we look at some of them. we are open to all possibilities and there are tons of applications.

    What distinguishes software platform BlackBerry 10 Android, for example, as you were with and developed?
    -If I'm going to explain it simply, it is the ease of use better. Just the natural, subconscious in human interaction with the phone has been changed so that it is easier to use the phone.

    Tell me about the BlackBerry 10 SDK, an open ecosystem of apps?
    -It is a software package that you can download for free from our website. We go around and missionerar for it and invites application developers to try on the new platform.

    If we're going to be a little nasty, there has been little laughter in the wings for the BlackBerry World, BlackBerrys own Appstore. What would you say to those who do not believe in this?
    -I think it is enough to simply look at what we have actually been delivered. At the launch, we had 70,000 apps. It is the largest number of apps some ecosystems have had at a launch of a new platform. In mid March, we reached 100,000 apps. I think it's about owning their own future. Then we may not have the ambition to have most apps. But you don't have ten ficklampsappar but only by a few.

    What is the cost to you to develop BlackBerry 10?
    -I have absolutely no idea. We are thousands of developers who work on this platform. But there's a lot of money, that's it.

    How have you changed since TAT was acquired by BlackBerry?
    -We are doing basically the same thing as before, but the big difference is that there is more muscle and money. That is why we have been able to focus all the resources we have to develop new things. Before we worked more with support services to our customers.

    From http://www.affarsvarlden.se/hem/nyhe...cle3671261.ece

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    A little lost in translation but nice to read.
    06-22-13 09:23 AM
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    So BlackBerry is half Swedish?

    Thanks for the info i posted it on my website: http://www.alexandermeijer.se/techno...lackberry.html

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    Well yeah in a way there is a lot of swedish dna in bb10 !

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    06-22-13 11:53 AM
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    Is it me, or was that journalist trying to get a job at BGR... Digging for negative comments.

    The TAT manager handled him well.
    Thanks for sharing OP.
    06-22-13 12:48 PM

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