1. marcopolo's Avatar
    Does anyone now of a task list application that can hide future dated tasks so that they only appear on the specified day.

    I know that most people use the caledar for this but I prefer to have everything on the to do list.
    11-08-08 01:39 AM
  2. MJThib's Avatar
    I don't think that was possible. The Task List on the BlackBerry is useless for anyone with a signifacant Task List. Too many necessary features just not implimented. You might want to checkout some of the third party PIM applications. They will drastically improve the usefulness of the Task function. I have been using ToDoMatrix since shortly after getting my BlackBerry and really depend on it. It's pricey and is sad graphically, but the function is top shelf.

    Hope this helps your search.

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    11-08-08 06:23 AM
  3. marcopolo's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice I will try todo Matrix
    11-10-08 10:38 PM