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    FWIW, yesterday I spoke with a nice salesman at Target. He did not have any info on BB10 phones. But he did say a couple of interesting things.

    Target's cell phone business is actually through Radio Shack. This arrangement is ending and another company will be involved, and Target will have more phones on display. The Target I visited had a limited number of phones and no Blackberries.

    And on the topic of should I buy a Verizon phone from a Verizon store or Target, he said the phones are cheaper at Target. I said "yea but what about the contract termination fee ?". He said they are the same. And I said "but what about the insurance, Asurion has been a PITA for me in the past". He said the Target contract negotiated with Asurion is better than the VZW contract. Target insurance does cost $1/month more, but a Target phone sent in for repair will either be replaced with your phone fixed, or you get a check for a new one. No refurbs. And supposedly Target will intervene on your behalf in a dispute.

    When I had a previous LG phone with Asurion insurance, the phone just stopped working one day. They initially denied the claim because I didn't drop it. I had to call back in and say I dropped it. I shouldn't have to put up with that considering what I pay per month and the outrageous deductible.

    Hope this is useful.
    02-25-13 12:18 PM

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