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    Hello all,

    So we have Talkspot for our 8220 from Rogers and when we subscribed at the time I said no to their router and just used my DIR 655 N router.

    So far everything is ok with talkspot on the 8220 except for the common problems everyone is experiencing with UMA/Talkspot service.

    After doing some thread searching I came across a post and wish to pursue the topic... Can I hook up my network as followed and will my internet speed suffer?

    1 - Current setup: Rogers cable modem + DIR655 N router = internet and talkspot service.

    2 - Considering this setup in this order... but??? Rogers cable modem + Rogers Talkspot router + DIR655N router = internet service and talkspot service.

    Can option #2 work? if so will my internet speed suffer because it's not connected directly to the cable modem?

    I wish to keep my DIR655N because my computers are using wireless N.

    Thanks for the inputs in adavanced.
    02-26-09 05:29 AM