10-10-09 09:54 PM
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    Once the 9700 hits I bet we are going to hear even more controversy over iphone vs berry reviews.
    10-10-09 03:40 PM
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    And how exactly can surveys NOT be biased? Your telling me a survey of opinions of a few people of TONS of people around the world is accurate enough to really determine what RIM needs to do? And how much more consumer friendly iPhone is?

    Sht. I didnt participate in this survey.....

    Anybody else here participate in this survey???????

    I bet you wont find 1 person on CB who participated in that survey. Talk about Biased.
    I never said there couldnt be biased, but what other way do you poll the USER satisfaction? you poll the users. If the random people you pick are biased theres nothing you can do about it

    Its still a better system then relying on the media where you already know their clear biases from their works. they dont know the bias of the public (people they use) so it's at least more "blind" of a survey.

    There's no better way to do a customer satisfaction poll. And they cant survey everyone, even if people here werent asked. That doesnt prove anything out of the millions of smartphone users out there.
    10-10-09 04:13 PM
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    As a Mobile Business user the battery function rates far higher than 11% to me, Operating system and ease of Opperation should share 40% between the 2 not take 52% of the pie, because unless you are an IT professional or a Cellphone junky you don't know the difference between the Operating system and ease of opperation, they are one and the same. Joe Suit doesn't know how secure or open is operating system is, his opertating system keeps his unit from crashing and lets him do stuff which is just operation.

    They also didn't include connectivity as a factor, that is a MAJOR reason to go with a BB over an iphone, the BB is just easier to stay connected faster with clients, emails come to you quick, you have PINGing to get attention, and sending images/video's of warrenty claims on the go can save days!
    Combine Documents to Go on my BB and it trumps an iphone for Mobile Business use.

    I would like to know the sampling that was taken to reach these scores, and how many in the sampling had used Both devices.
    iphone has the SAME push email as Blackberry for Gmail and Exchange accounts, its not different so I dont see how there's "more" connectivity. Push email is push email. I dont get where BB people get this idea the iphone doesnt do push email from. It has for a long time now through Microsoft Exchange, which still holds a huge share of business users. And now they added Google using Exchange protocol, something the BB cant do (2 way Gmail sync).

    the iphone can send images and videos just fine too. Also has Docs to Go.

    So I fail to see these points as "trumping" the iphone when theyre equal for business functions mentiones.
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    iPhone has push email yes, but not the same, I don't know anyone with a domino exchange server who can use the iphone, and unfortunately domino is probably second only to exchange for installation base. Then beyond simple e-mail we have pin and bbm tranfer, and remote wiping all connectivity tools. And with the short battery life of the iPhone doc2go is not worth it, you are never far from a laptop anyway.

    Battery life plays into connectivity as well, being able to swap out batteries means I can travel to far more remote locations

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    10-10-09 05:18 PM
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    Yeh but Exchange still holds a pretty hefty 35-40% in the business space. Thats a significant chunk. sure it wont work with everything and its not the best for everyone, but it does the job for a lot.

    And battery really is a non-issue. For cheaper then a removable battery you can get a 1800mah battery pack for about $10 on ebay that clips into the iphone port on the bottom. Little extra bulk since it doesnt go in the phone yes but its still a small portable charging solution. I have no problem making it through the day with an exchange account active and a polling Gmail account every 30 min.
    10-10-09 09:54 PM
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