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    I posted this in another thread and got a few PM's to discuss more. Here is a quick write-up on how and why.

    I have email that comes in via my company Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) and then several personal GMAIL accounts (BIS). I obviously have different tones for each for audible notifications. However I have also set up so I can visibly see via my BB INBOX. On most OEM Themes LEVEL 1 messages are set up to show in RED text (theme creators can change this). All other messages are in BLACK text. See another "trick" at the end for BES users.

    My BES Messages come in as a "regular" email (black txt) and my primary GMAIL comes in as a "LEVEL1" (red text). Here is an example of my SETUP:

    As you can see this is pretty helpful for distinguishing between email accounts on phone. You can do this whether or not you on a BES. You just have to set up one account to be FWD as LEVEL 1 and your good.

    Here is how to setup on one of your BIS account.

    Simply create a FILTER as follows: (XXXX=your email @whatever.com, obviously mine in GMAIL and I have hidden the first part).

    Simply save and exit. The next time you get an email it should show up as LEVEL 1 on your BB.

    Also for those on BES, you can go to OPTIONS>SECURITY>INFORMATION and select your BES messages to be outlined differently from other messages. This only applies when viewing the open email - See below.



    I hope this is helpful to some of you.
    09-29-09 04:33 PM