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    Just hoping to spark some more discussion on the future of the QWERTY/touch divide.

    Here is an interesting technology that feels as though it could be partnered very nicely with BB10/QNX. It is developed by Tactus Technology, and basically consists of a tactile user interface that can emerge or disappear from the glass surface of a tablet/phone.

    Technology :: Tactus Technology

    I think runs on a liquid that solidifies when it is charged.

    The qwerty keyboard is probably one of the major reasons that Blackberry has been able to keep so many subscribers in spite of the BB10 delay. Lots of people -- me included -- just prefer the tactile aspect of the physical keyboard. Imagine a Z10 that would work just like a swipe phone with gestures until you need a keyboard. Then a physical keyboard could rise off of the touch surface. Not only that, but the 'buttons' could be configured. Imagine apps that have their own buttons or dial-like surfaces that emerge from the screen surface when you need them. It would certainly blend well with something like Sonos... but thinking outside of the box, it could turn your phone into a portable control surface that could be configured to any task you need.
    01-15-13 04:18 PM
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    I appreciate the technology. But me personally, even as a hardcore 9900 user...I am upgrading to the z10. I am over clutching onto tactile feelings. I imagine there is very many that still like the tactile feeling and this would be for them.
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    01-15-13 04:57 PM

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